Welcome to Clearwater, a nonfiction film about the health of the Puget Sound and the unique relationship of the tribal people to the water. Join us as we meet geoduck divers, listen to elders, travel with fishermen, learn from biologists and explore with the youth as we come to understand the beauty of the regions culture and the impending impacts of ocean acidification.

Tracy Rector and Lou Karsen are both independent filmmakers and also based at Longhouse Media in Seattle, WA. The mission of Longhouse Media is to catalyze Indigenous people and communities to use media as a tool for self-expression, cultural preservation, and social change. They draw from both traditional and modern forms of artistic expression, storytelling, teaching, and inquiry. Their film projects have been successfully shown on National PBS, Independent Lens, National Geographic, ImagineNative and at Festival de Cannes.

“We have worked for many years within the tribal communities of the Salish Sea. Our inspiration comes from the water, land, animals and plants; our lens being the ancestral spirits that guide our creative voices.”
— Tracy Rector and Lou Karsen